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The Biblical Case for Women in AVL

Look around you. Church technical arts and pro AVL tend to be dominated by men. But CPM’s contributor proposes that this needs to change, and that there is a biblical imperative for women serving in church tech.

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Understanding the Mission

A church tech travels to Japan and learns from Panasonic’s company philosophy of meichi, “to know the mission.” Some key takeaways for technical team members: that of joyfully giving our time and energy, and of leading people from suffering to peace.

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Time for a Victory Lap

Now that Easter’s in the rearview mirror, what do we do with ourselves? Rejoice, reflect, and beware the strange lull….

We survived! Christmas? A distant memory. Easter? In the rearview mirror. Time to raise our fists in the air, run up and down the sanctuary aisles, and do our best Sylvester Stallone. For many of us, the proximity of Easter to Christmas this year has made October to April just one big blur. But it’s done. It’s over. With a couple months until summer projects and youth camps, it’s time for a well-deserved victory lap.

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Building Teams that Thrive without Us

Most of us in church technical arts like productions to run a certain way. But don’t let fear become a roadblock to trusting that everything will be fine without you. It’s God-honoring to learn to step away and recharge–and to let others step up.

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Billy Graham on Technology and its Implications for Church Techs

One powerful takeaway from Graham’s 1998 TED Talk? When our productions are used to serve God’s people, creating a way for them to commune with Him, only then are we using the tools God provides for their designed purpose.

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Photo credit: Screenshot from the TED Talk.

The #FakeNews in Church Tech

Don’t fall into believing there is a single “best” console, loudspeaker or lighting desk. Your situation is unique. Your solution may be too.

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