• 020: Nathan Paterson from Scotland and Australia

    A Global Look at the State of AV and Higher Ed - January 15, 2019

    Nathan Paterson CTS (@NathanWind3) from Scotland and recent transplant to Australia joins the show. So we’re going across the pond and down under. We talk AV from his former institution and the global state of the AV industry.

  • 019: 10-Minute Take: Not at CES Episode

    Consumer Grade Installs in H.E.? - January 11, 2019

    I’m not at CES (@CES) this year, but I know a lot of random end users and tech-philes are. What are your thoughts on consumer grade electronics in higher ed installs? Do you leverage the lower costs? Here’s my 10 minute take.

  • 018: Scott Tiner from Bates College

    Customer Service, AVaaS, and Gamification - January 08, 2019

    Scott Tiner (@stiner) from Bates College (@BatesCollege) in Lewiston, Maine, joins the show. We talk customer service, help desk, AVaaS, service quality gamification, and campus AV at Bates. Scott also writes for rAVe Pubs (@ravepubs) and presents at conferences, including CCUMC (@CCUMC).

  • 017: Merry Christmas!

    My Tech Manager AV Wish List - December 25, 2018

    Merry Christmas from the Higher Ed AV Podcast. Today we go through my tech manager AV Christmas wish list. What are those things we need answered, fixed, and solutions for going into the new year that we wish Santa would bring us now? Based on the #AVinTheAM from December 16, 2018.

  • 016: Ian Taylor from Dalhousie University

    MedIT and Content Delivery into the Field - December 18, 2018

    Ian Taylor from Dalhousie University (@Dalnews) in Halifax, Canada, joins the podcast to discuss AV in the MedIT division. Hear how they deliver a unique user-friendly integrated AV experience to the residents and students out into the field from the main campus location.

  • 015: Special Edition: Joe's Book Launch

    Producing Worship - December 11, 2018

    Today’s episode coincides with the release of Joe’s (@josiahway) new book, “Producing Worship” (@prodworship). The book contains many parallels to what we do in Higher Ed AV. Joe offers four takeaways we can directly apply to how we approach our daily tasks. The book can be found on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578419181 or http://www.producingworship.com.

  • 014: Sara Laird of Mount St. Mary's University

    Solutions and Service - December 4, 2018

    Sara Laird, the Director of Solutions Architecture and Service Delivery at Mount St. Mary’s University (@MSMU), joins the podcast to discuss a holistic approach to classroom AV planning and implementation.

  • 013: Jimmie Singleton of California Baptist University

    Can't We All Just Get Along? - November 27, 2018

    Jimmie Singleton of California Baptist University (@CalBaptist) joins the podcast to talk events, training and certification, and transitioning from live AV to higher education. Jimmie works as the Audio Visual Technician for the Conferences and Events department at CBU, a complementary department to mine, yet is an end user of our classroom technology. We discuss working together, building relationships, and the events production dynamic. P.S., At some point in the future, he will steal my job.

  • 012: Don Merritt of the University of Central Florida

    Preparing for GameDay - November 20, 2018

    Don Merritt, PhD (@dmerrittucf) of the University of Central Florida (@UCF) joins discussing how the guiding principle of scale x excellence = impact is achieved at UCF. We talk @AVIXA @InfoComm, @CCUMC, @Educause, and PhDs. What does it look like to prepare for game day in higher ed AV?

  • 011: David Akin III of Marist College

    Lessons Learned from Podcast Episodes 1–10 - November 13, 2018

    David Akin III (@DJDakAttack) of Marist College (@Marist) out side of New York City joins the podcast. We discuss the college’s new Fashion and Arts Building and the ongoing AV transitions at Marist and higher ed. David also serves as the CCUMC (@CCUMC) social media chair.

  • 010: Gina Sansivero of AtlasIED and Matt Silverman of Crestron

    CCUMC Corporate Directors - November 6, 2018

    Us vs. them? Or us and them? The two corporate directors of CCUMC (@CCUMC), Gina Sansivero (@GinaSans), VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications at AtlasIED (@Atlas_IED), and Matthew Silverman, Manager, Education Technology at Crestron, (@Crestron) join Joe (@josiahway) on the Higher Ed AV Podcast (@higheredav) to discuss cultivating manufacturer and end-user relationships. Building bridges between our universities and product manufacturers is essential to being able to manage our installs, upgrades, and daily operations. Gina, Matt, and Joe discuss how we can invest in one another as strategic partners and their roles with CCUMC. Be sure to connect with Gina and Matt on LinkedIn. Oh, and that phrase was said again: #AVaaS!

  • 009: Chaz Celaya of Point Loma

    Commercial Music and the DAW - October 30, 2018

    Commercial music is one of the hottest new majors in higher ed music departments. Chaz Celaya (@chazcelaya) of Point Loma (@pointloma) joins Joe to discuss the development of the program and AV/audio production facilities. He serves as an Assistant Professor of Commercial Music, and plays an integral role in the establishment of the program, with a broad history in the music and tech industry. He has written a book for sound techs: The Sound Guide.

  • 008: Jackie Woolf of James Madison University

    Women and Diversity in AV and AVIXA - October 23, 2018

    Jackie Woolf (@woolfyva) of James Madison University (@JMU) joins the podcast. She and Joe discuss the importance of CTS certification from AVIXA (@AVIXA) and the need for more women and diversity in AV (@AVIXAWomen/ @WomeninAV) as well as various ways to serve through higher ed councils. Jackie and Joe explore current trends and discuss the AV support structure at JMU.

  • 007: Special Edition: CCUMC 2018 Roundup 2018

    University of Utah, Salt Lake City - October 19, 2018

    Joe walks us through his experience at CCUMC (@CCUMC) 2018 as a first time attendee. This year’s conference was held at the University of Utah (@UUtah) in Salt Lake City, October 3–6, 2018.

  • 006: James Scutt, Stephen Bell, and Adam Harvey of University of Hertfordshire UK

    2018 Service Team of the Year AV Award Winners - October 16, 2018

    2018 AV Award Winners for Service Team of the Year, James Scutt (@jascutt1), Stephen Bell (@stephenbellav), and Adam Harvey (@admhrv) of the University of Hertfordshire UK (@uniofherts) join to discuss the AV Magazine (@AVMag#AVAwards, their 2nd win, and their service model at Herts. Learn more about the team from their submission video put out by the University of Hertfordshire on the Events, AV and Digital Media Team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJlaOldD_eQ.

    James Scutt CTS is the Events and Digital Media Technology Specialist. Stephen Bell CTS works as the Events, AV and DM Manager. Adam Harvey CTS serves as the Solutions Architect for AV and Digital Media and serves as an exec of the Learning and Teaching Spaces Managers Group (@LTSMG_UK). They are all AVIXA (@AVIXA) members.

    The event took place on September 28, 2018, at the Grosvenor House in London, UK. AV Nation (@avnation) presented the live feed, with Tim Albright (@tdalbright) and Chris Neto (@chris_neto) hosting. Watch the feed here: https://avnation.tv/av-awards-2018/. A complete list of the AV Award winners can be found here: https://www.avawards.com/avawards2018/en/page/2018-winners. Learn more about the AV Awards on the main page: http://www.avawards.com.

  • 005: Dean Wentworth from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

    Are You Telling Me Somebody Over Promised and Under Delivered - October 9, 2018

    Dean Wentworth (@DeanWentworth) from the United States Military Academy at West Point (@WestPoint_USMA) joins Joe (@josiahway) to discuss current trends and installation directions. Discussions include products from PSAV (@PSAV), Panasonic (@Panasonic), Epson (@Epson), and Crestron (@Crestron), with conversations on AV-over-IP, AR/VR, and the Hard Rock Cafe (@HardRock)!

  • 004: Melissa Gonzalez and Lexi Peters of CBU

    Building Your Team, Get It Together Joe - October 2, 2018

    Two of Joe’s former student workers from CBU (@calbaptist), Melissa Gonzalez (@m3lissa_mari3_3) and Lexi Peters (@niceonelex), join the podcast to discuss building the team from ground-up and investing in your human resources.

  • 003: Brian Leas of Missouri State

    Joe talks about Influence or Flattery, Higher Ed Buying Power - September 25, 2018

    Brian Leas of Missouri State (@MissouriState) joins the podcast to discuss recent analog to digital upgrades, and Joe looks at how we as end user power-buyers have the power to influence manufactures in order to drive technological advancement.

    In a recent #AVintheAM conversations by Mark Coxon (@AVPhenom), he claimed that the order of influence and importance is customer, integrator, then manufacturer. Joe explores this and notes the special relationship between manufacturers and higher ed tech managers. As a case in point, Joe gives kudos to the product testing and development procedures by Panasonic (@Panasonic), as well as interactions with other recent manufacturers at InfoComm (@InfoComm).

    As always… Thanks for your support! Connect with us, share, and subscribe!

  • 002: Justin Dawson CTS of Dublin

    Certification Hoarding: Uh, Ya Know, Right - September 18, 2018

    Justin Dawson CTS (@justinrdawson) joins host, Joe Way (@josiahway), to discuss AV in Dublin; Joe explores various certification types useful for tech managers both in practice and career advancement.

    The six certifications include: (1) The CTS (and CTD-D & CTS-I) from AVIXA (@AVIXA); (2) Various manufacturer trainings, namely those from Extron (@Extron) and Crestron (@Crestron); (3) Your bachelors degree (or masters/PhD); (4) Heavy equipment, electric, boom lift; (5) Leadership and/or counseling; and (6) Joining various boards, namely the AVIXA Technology Managers Council.

  • 001: BC Hatchett from Vanderbilt University

    About the Podcast & Joe on AV as a Service - September 12, 2018

    In this premier episode, Joe Way interviews BC Hatchett from Vanderbilt University, explores an alternative way of thinking about AV as a Service and the implications for Higher Ed tech managers, and introduces the podcast purpose.

    Simple ideas are easy to have, but aren’t always acted upon. 10 months in the making, and here we are! This podcast is for building the campus technology manager community. This is about you… but here’s a little about me.

    What would it look like if AV as a Service (AVaaS) was more than a purchasing model, but a way to relate to our end users. I springboard off two recent articles by Gina Sansivero (@fsr_edu) and Mark Coxon(@AVPhenom), and discuss what true “Higher Ed” AVaaS model might look like.

    BC Hatchett (@BCHatchett) is the Associate Director for AV Design & Support and Media Services for Vanderbilt University Information Technology. He and I discuss service modeling, the #AVintheAM (@chris_neto) phenomena, and his AV model for Vandy.

Podcast dedicated to building the AV/IT tech manager community in higher education through discussions on classroom technology and audiovisual support.

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